MetarewardsWarning about offers

Over the last few weeks I've gotten, what I can only describe as harrassing phone calls from the real estate offers I signed up with to get my $2000 gift card.

I signed up for real estate fortunes, million dollar deal, tax liens, and cash flow.
I've gotten calls every day non-stop every 30 minutes with reps offering me help to start the real estate deals and meetings and conferences and blah, blah, blah...

Since I'm at work around 10 hours a day, I couldn't anwser them. And only 1 person left a voice mail. I was sick one of the days last week and got a call and I told the guy that I was sick, I can't talk and to stop calling. He kept going on trying to "sell" me the benefits of signing up for the meetings, then tried to make me feel like I was missing out on something big. I finally called them directly and told each deal to STOP calling me. And guess what, I STILL GOT CALLS.

Finally sent all 4 offers back for the refunds and I'm still getting calls. Basically now, I threaten each caller with a lawsuit and wrote the companies demanding the calls cease or else.

It looks like today is the first day I have not gotten a call from any of them. The moral of the story is, when you sign up for any of the real estate offers, DO NOT GIVE YOUR REAL TELEPHONE #


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