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Buyer please beware, I have been an avid on-line shopper for over 10 years and have never received such junk quality products. There are many other sites out there to purchase metaphysical items from, and I highly suggest you use them and avoid this one.

" Wiccan Jewelry, Celtic Jewelry, Wicca Store, Pagan Gifts Jewelery", is their byline description taken directly from their website as to what they sell. I recently ordered two small items from them, both of which were defective. The price for what I ordered was around $12.00 total for the products themselves, plus an additional $6.00 for shipping.

I immediately reported the defective items, explaining in detail what was wrong with them, and asked for a refund. One of the items was a small 3x5 inch bag that was sewn totally askew with a machine that was defective and left unfinished. with edges that were ready to rip apart at any time. In their response to me regarding the bag, they offered no explanation, or reason as to how it got past any inspectors and was shipped out the way it was.

The second item (both ordered at the same time) was a small replica, approximately 5 1/2 inches long, of a King Cobra snake that apparently had never been finished on its cast edges, leaving all three curves misshapen and damaged. In the description of the snake given on their website several uses were offered for this little critter, one of them being as jewelry, which does go along with the claim they make as to what they sell. I did get a response regarding the condition of this item, I was told that it was "fake jewelry" whatever that is supposed to mean. I do think that if "fake jewelry" is what they are selling, thier byline should read, " FAKE Wiccan Jewelry, FAKE Celtic Jewelry, Wicca Store, FAKE Pagan Gifts Jewelery"; along with an explanation that FAKE means DEFECTIVE.

With all the money I have spent over the years buying everything from baby shower gifts to extremely large copy machines online, it really upsets me when a website like this comes along selling inferior and obvious 'seconds' items and not being upfront and honest about it.

Since both items were in such a damaged condition as to render them useless, I asked for a full refund, including initial shipping costs. Naturally they would make no exception in regard to refunding the initial $6.00 I paid to receive these useless items. I know that this is a standard practice on almost all websites, but I thought an exception should be made in this case as both items I paid to be mailed to me were defective, and I was not made aware in their description of the King Cobra snake that it was "FAKE", although being fake should not be taken as to mean defective in my book.

To mail them back, would of course cost me even more shipping (although well under $6.00 I am sure) and I would have ended up paying more than the cost of the items themselves, and left with nothing.

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      16th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes did refund me the money I paid for the above items, along with my shipping costs. They even offered me a choice of another item for free. I took them up on their offer for an item described as "This coin, approximately 1 1/4" in diameter, presents the iconic images of the 7 most revered Orishas encircling the crucified Christ."

    I just received it in the mail, I would still consider it an item of poor quality, but hey, you get what you pay for. What does surprise me though, as I am very familiar with the 7 African Orishas and their iconic images, is that what is shown on the coin (which you need a magnifying glass to see) is not their icons at all. The envelope that the supplier sent it in simply says "7 African Powers Coin"..."Carry this Magic Coin in a green cloth bag. It will keep you protected from Demons.", It said nothing about the Orishas at all. So I can't really amend my original complaint as Metapot is not following through to see what they are really selling.

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