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Mesa Club Apartments / Horrible Staff & Maintenance

1 6151 Mountain VistaHenderson, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 702-456-8400

I'd like to start by saying I'm not typically the type of person to submit negative reviews, but I feel this place (Mesa Club) should not escape the negative publicity it deserves. The following is merely a synopis of what has transpired over the last 90 days.

1st Event - About a week after moving in, the complex was hit by a spree of vandalism. There were multiple "tags" within the immediate vicinity of our unit, one of which was directly on the walkway to our front door. While all other graffiti was immediately cleaned up that morning, it took them roughly a week to clean our walkway; all they did was simply paint over it with gray paint.

2nd Event - A few weeks ago, at about 2:45 in the morning, we were suddenly awoken to the shrill of the building's fire alarms ringing. In a panic, we rushed out of the apartment. By this time, numerous tenants had gathered outside but no one knew why the alarms were ringing and what, if anything, was being done about it. About 30 minutes later (imagine having to listen to the alarms for this long), the fire department finally arrived. Coincidentally, at the same time, a man who I believe is the head of maintenance arrived. I watched as this individual escorted the fire department to the main alarm control box; seconds later, the alarms were finally silenced. Expecting that someone would inform the residents of what occurred, I waited around only to be walked by, without a word, by the "head of maintenance". This took me by surprise as I at least expected someone to inform us that it was safe to reenter the building... But no, not even that much. It took a phone call to the rental office the next day to discover that "someone" had pulled the alarm; we were offered no further explanation or condolence.

3rd Event - Now this one is STILL an issue as as of today and has had NO resolution... About three weeks ago, we experienced a rather large amount of rain. During this time, the ceiling in our living room began to leak and a large blister full of water started to form under the paint on one of the walls. We immediately called the office to inform them. The individual who answered took down all of the information and informed me that someone would immediately contact us back. About 10 minutes later, this same person called me back; she stated that she spoke to maintenance who informed her to instruct us to simply put a towel on the floor around the leak.(') Huh... She also stated that there wasn't anything maintenance could do since it was still raining and the roofing company would not come during such inclement weather. This made an inkling of sense; I wouldn't want someone slipping off the roof and injuring themselves on my account. Shortly after getting the news that nothing would be done that day, the water blister burst sending water and pieces of the drywall and paint onto the carpet. I cleaned up the mess and replaced the towel, multiple times. This is only where it begins... The rain was on and off all weekend but pretty much subsided by that Monday evening. We expected then that someone from maintenance or the roofing company would stop by to inspect the damage. Someone did come by, but they only took a few pictures. That was the last time we ever saw anyone about this issue. Multiple times throughout the next THREE WEEKS we attempted to get a status update from the leasing office but were always told that they didn't have any information and to call again in the morning to speak to maintenance. Now, this brings us to today... I called the leasing office to once again ask about what was being done. I was told that someone from maintenance came by the apartment yesterday but had to leave a "door tag" because no one answered. This came as a surprise considering someone is home ALL day. Not to mention that there was NO door tag to be found. Ok, ok, so maybe we have a door tag stealing bandit who happens to be the same person who's responsible for the graffiti and prank fire alarms... yeah. I tried to calmly explain to the person on the phone that all we wanted was an UPDATE as to what was being done to repair the damage. Just as before, I was advised that she had no information and was instructed to call MONDAY morning. After going around in circles about how I didn't feel anything was being done and that it wasn't fair to us as tenants, I was told, "I have someone in the office with me and have to go." Then the call was disconnected. Wow. Anyways, this is where we're at... Now we have loose paint on the wall, a stained carpet and who knows what kind of mold and mildew growing inside the wall. But hey, who cares, I'll call again on Monday.
Oh yeah, one more note on the mold thing... There's a FULL PAGE in the lease contract dedicated specifically to the prevention and reporting of any and all mold / mildew. This struck us as funny considering the exhaust fan in the bathroom wasn't working upon move-in and it took "maintenance" over two months to come out and fix it.
Well if you've made it this far through my ranting and raving, thanks for listening. At the very least, we hope to have aided in your decision to NOT move here.

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  • Ed
      25th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes
    Mesa Club Apartments - Poor Management and Maitenance
    Mesa Club Apartment - Laramar Properties
    6151 Mountain Vista St.
    United States
    Phone: 702-456-8400

    Had leak in apartment above bath tub for three weeks and still counting. Requested service three weeks ago when leak was first spotted. Maintenance showed up a couple of time and both times have said that they could not do anythin until thye are able to get into the apartment upstairs. Spoke with tenant upstairs and he said that they have not even contacted him. Poor managment here and under qualified maintenance staff. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!

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