Rented scuffling on May 15th at 9:24am for 3 days. Total cost $35.67. Prepaid. Attendant told me that if returned before full 3 days it would be pro-rated as to what balance was left.

Returned scuffling on May 27th at 11:54am. Total of 2 hours and 31 minutes used on the third day rental of 24 hours. I was denied any money back because I had not returned the rental by 9:24am. I was also charged 15 cents per item for damage waiver which was never discussed whether I wanted it or not, it was forced.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cape Girardeau, MOTotal cost of non-authorized insurance $3.00. And on top of the insurance you taxed the insurance at a rate of
According to my calculations you owe me $12.67. Calculation: 33.00-3.00(ins.)=30.00x.007975=2.39 tax 30.00+2.39=32.39 divided by 3 days = $10.80 for 24 hour rental (incl tax). 10.80x.895 ( rental % left on 24 hrs.)=$9.67 + 3.00 ins.= $12.67
Please send check to
Barry Robinson
PO Box 2296
Cape Girardeau, MO. [protected]

May 17, 2017

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