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I was looking for a loan, and Merlin Money offered me a loan which I could afford - or so I thought. All I had to do was pay £39.50 and they would provide me with this loan - they are liars. The loan they give you an illustraion of does not exist. I have been e-mailing them hourly for a refund and I only have a response since I threatened to get the ombudsman involved. Do not trust this company, they will take your money for nothing.

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  • Do
      Aug 05, 2011
    Merlin Money - when i was applying for a loan with another company i was waiting for an answer its web page joined
    United States
    Phone: does not have one

    this company is attaching itself to other web sites when you are in the stage of waiting for your answer it makes out it is part of that web page

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  • Da
      Mar 19, 2012
    Merlin Money - no refund
    merlin money
    England, East Midlands
    United Kingdom

    Applied for a refund/brokers fee back as they were unable to help.No phone number only written correspondence and guess what.After two months still waiting what underhand tactics from a supposed reputable componey.Money I CAN ILL AFFORD TO LOSE.

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  • St
      Apr 28, 2014

    Took cash from my account. WITHOUT ME asking for a loan.
    Is that even allowed?

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  • Ma
      Jun 19, 2014

    i applyd for a loan with these they didnt warn me that money would be took out of my account and they took £ 49.99.!! i emailed them as they had no phone number and i have had no reply it wont let me remove my account and had no reply..!! i wanted my money bk and got left skint..!! ###..!!

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  • An
      Jun 25, 2014

    took money out of my account

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  • Fr
      Aug 01, 2014

    merlin loans took money from my account after i had filled in a form thinking they were a lender, once i had noticed what had happened i provided everything they asked so i could get a refund and they have blanked me for two months now

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