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I was also looking for a loan and responded to an email I received and I was contacted by Mr. Steve White from Meriden Services saying that I had been approved and needed to call him at [protected] Ext. 280. I tried looking up information about this company on the Better Business Bureau website with no luck, then I checked Connecticut's Dept. of State website and couldn't find the name of the company being registered, licensed or listed as a fictitious entity or Steve White being registered or licensed as a loan broker or anything business related with his name or company. Something told me that they were going to request that I send in money to get this loan so I called Steve to see if that was the case. I never let on that I did a background check on THEM. He began by telling me that the loan for $6000 was approved but because of my credit rating he was able to locate "SPECIAL" financing through one of their partners and as collateral I would have to send in almost $1, 100 to cover 6 months of payments but the principal amount I would owe back would be lower because of the initial payments being made. He had confirmed what I already checked, that they were nothing but schemers trying to get my hard earned money and I would get nothing in return, but I played it off like I was with it just to see the "loan documents" he was emailing me in the next hour. The documents are just laughable my 9 yr. old could have typed them and emailed them to me.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hartford, CTThey were nothing like the loan papers you receive from any financial institution. When I got home I told my Husband I was approved for a loan his first response was how much do they want you to send them and when I showed him the "documents" that were so unprofessionally typed he just shook his head and said I know you didn't send them any money, which I hadn't. I'm just glad I listened to my instincts and researched them first and I will be filing a fraud alert report with Connecticut's and Pennsylvania's Attorney General's Office and sending them copies of the so called "loan documents". I would have been out of a lot of dough, while these fools are in the Bahamas sipping Mai Tais on my dime. I don't think so. I had heard about this scheme and that's why I wasn't foolish enough to fall for it and did my research before I even called. I would have mentioned that I didn't find any information for Meriden Services he probably would have said, the information wasn't updated because they're new or for all I know they could have directed me to a fake State of Connecticut website that they set up, so I wasn't taking any chances. Unfortunately there are people that don't watch the news or news related programs or even read the newspaper for that matter so if it doens't come up in a casual conversation with your friends or family then you wouldn't know about it. They're doing what a lot of these scammers do and thats preying on naive people who are desperate. Even the website is a joke.

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