MerchantAccountProviders.ComUnauthorized charges

We spoke to Ami at and was told we get fabulous rates...VIP this and that because of our exemplary history. Well, they have taken every dime we processed and point to some BS hidden little line in their contracts where they reserve the right to do this (regardless of lies salesmen tell)

Oh wait let me back up. There was a slight smudge on the contract that was faxed. It looked like the normal smudge you see on faxes sometimes. Guess what sentence that was? Yes, the sentence that says they can take your money and hold it 6 months at anytime.

Ami at has in my opinion, without question lied, mislead and stole our money.

Every single day they say they are releasing it. When we dont get it we call. And of course every single day there is a new hoop to jump through. Another fee and another excuse why they have taken EVERY SINGLE PENNY.


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