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I have to say that at the beginning of all this, I was real happy with what I heard about this business opportunity. I did like the people I talked to and it did sound legitimate, until about 3 weeks ago when all the phone numbers I received from Merchant Lending Network were out of service! I tried to call the key person who I purchased leads from, but she will not return my calls now for about three weeks. I have invested around $5000.00 with is company and I am starting to feel that I got ripped off! If anyone out there has a solution or way I can get back my money...please let me know by responding to this complaint with your comments!

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      Jun 02, 2011
    Merchant Lending Network - Rip off
    Merchant Lending Network
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    I recently spent about 45 min. on the phone with 4 different people from Merchants Lending Network about joining their team. The company claims to provide cash advances to merchants on their future credit card sales. Red Flag #1 When they said, 'The cost to set me up was normally $995, but Visa and Master Card would cover $500 of the cost. My cost for set-up would only be $495.' I think this is very unlikely. Red Flag #2 When I transfered though 4 different Rep's to get my questions answered. The first 3 could not or would not answer my questions on details about the service that they provide, instead kept telling me how I would be helping local Merchants and get rich by helping others. Red Flag #3 After getting my questions answered by the forth person that I talked to I was transfed back down. At this point I verified the name and contact number of the inital rep. that I talked to. I told him that I needed to verify some information and cruch some numbers to see if this would be marketable. At this point when I would not hand over my CreditCard number and sign-up, the Rep started to cuss me out. He also stated the the forth person was the company CEO. In my opinion this company is a Rip-Off. All that they want is a quick $495 and a monthly maintainance fee. If they were legit they would not object to someone verifing what they say.

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