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merchandise / business practice

1 AK, United States

I started the business, and it wasn't cheap it was over 1000.00 to to start. The coaches didn't reply as I hoped they would. I was either encouraged to buy more merchandise or a advertising package. The start up package of supplies was around 600.00
the memership fee was around 500.00 and alittle over. Their system just wasn't working for me. I had only made 20.00 on the whole business. They just weren't very helpful to me in how to run the business.
Payed 179.70 for 6 months of website fee.

There is an upside to this though, the expense I list on my income tax is going to make it go up to about 2000.00 If I would have known that the staff wouldn't help me very much and I would waste time and money I would not have considered or picked this business to start with.
Even the shipping came hard with my last order of products. The customer service could not change my address over the phone. I had to wait close to an hour and got transfer to 5 different people. I was told to call back re: the address change. Then told to call back 214 hrs later only to be told that it was not changeable. I've already moved from the address that its being sent to.
None of the people you talk to will tell you the expense of front that this whole idea of online business costs barely. I could see it working for a person w/ money to spare by the thousands. Single mother of 1 with a fixed income is not doable.

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