MercantilaReiki table

I ordered a reiki table in August 2010. I spoke to a representive who went over the details with me and what the table came with. I asked her if the table came with a carrying case, she told me it did. The table arrived and there was no carrying case included. I called and they told me that they would contact the warehouse and get back to me. I called again a few days later and they said that a carrying case was not included with this model. I told them that the sales rep. said it did. They told me they would have to listen to the recording of the actual call, I said alright. I called again and was told they listened to the recording and that the sales person did not say that a carrying case was included. I remember asking this question several times during our conversation. I asked if I could listen to the recording, never got back to me, because they know they are not telling the truth. I also told them that the headrest that came along with the table keeps collasping. They told me they would get back to me and never did on that either. I spent over $500. on a table that has issues.

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