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I had nipples that were Jagged and deformed, cut to far under breast pocket.She refussed to show me any implants before the surgery or disscuss ccs or what she was going to put in me, I wanted a B or small C cup size, Witch was in my medical file that I have, and I was given a large D cup size, cousing me back pain, and blood cumming out of my nipples on and off for about 2 months. She also put a 300 cc inplaint filled to 400 cc and the doctor that fixed them measured them before sending them to mentor, and he put this in wrighting, unfortionatly I went to court in july of this year and the judge agreed that they were disfigured and jagged, But said that sense she was going to fix it, I should have let her. Keep in mind that to fix it it was another fee of 1000.00 dollors. I felt that I gave her enoph of my money, and that I wanted it to be fixed right.Now im paying 1600.00 dollors for a boob job, and Ive reseved no juscice from the law. I cry and think about it alot, The word Fix in the dictionary means SETTLED FINAL, SUPPLIED WITH A DEFINITE AMOUNT OF SOMETHING NEEDED (AS MONEY)

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