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I ordered a pair of men's shoes on May 8th, 2010. My credit card was charged on May 9th, 2010. I contacted the company on May 13th when I had not received shipping confirmation. They responded and indicated they would contact the warehouse responsible for shipping my order. I heard nothing for six more days. I attempted to contact them via the toll free number on the website. The recorded message stated the "mailbox was full". A reputable business would have someone to answer the telephone! I finally got an email notification that the shoes had shipped on the 19th, and was given a tracking number for UPS. For the past two days I have entered the tracking number and UPS doesn't have any information on it. So, two weeks after placing my online order with this company, I have been charged for an item I haven't received, and have no way to determine if indeed, the item ever shipped. The customer service with is very poor. They are slow to return email communication, do not answer the phone, and quick to charge your credit card. If I EVER receive the product, this will be the LAST time I will purchase from them. I have already contacted my credit card company regarding what I perceive to be a total rip off, and I have to wait 30 days before they will intercede in my behalf. My advice is to SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

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  • Jo
      7th of Dec, 2010

    I have the same issue. I have been charged for this item and never received. I have placed many phone calls and always receive the answering machine (about 15 calls). I also sent emails and requested a tracking number. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, calling my credit card, and posting the location of this business for all to see and feel free to stop by at. These kinds of practices are illegal and unprofessional. I just think it is funny how karma works and how some people have no idea ones career and background. This will be the last time this scam company does this to anyone.

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  • Mo
      25th of Jan, 2011

    Everyone is correct. They are a shady operation at best. HORRIBLE service. Quick to take the money but short on providing the goods. Called about 20 times with no answer (mailbox is always full). They did not respond to my emails at their AOL account or their Gmail account. I canceled my order and would advise everyone to shop elsewhere. I will notify the BBB and see where they say.

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  • Ja
      22nd of Feb, 2011

    Alright, so the only reason I am writing this is because I too thought I might have been scammed...

    I searched the web for a particular shoe that had been discontinued after trying to buy it locally. Several sites had it in my size but only menshoenet had it in the color I needed. Rather than simply place my order over an unknown website I called first...nothing - only a voice mail. I sent an e-mail...nothing. I really loved the shoes I owned so I tried again calling the number...nothing - who are these guys?! That's when I started researching the website and found ALL the BAD stuff. I simply wrote them off as a scam UNTIL...

    I received a call from Larry - the owner- saying he was returning my call about a pair of shoes. He left a message and I called back. I spoke with a lady who informed me that the shoes were not available, but...wait a minute, let me check. She came back to the phone and had the shoes in her hand...OK, here it comes... I'm getting ready to get screwed! I asked her about why Google maps didn't show the storefront they showed on their website (yes I checked that much), and why all the negative press all over the web? That's when she said, "you better talk with Larry, hang on."

    So Larry got on the phone and said that he had "my" shoes in his hand and that they would be shipped tomorrow Fed Ex free if I gave him my credit card #. I asked him about all the negative press and the BBB and the fraud case, etc. His response to me was, "Jack, we've been in business 40 years and you cannot satisfy everyone all the time, and what's worse, is that once something negative is out there on the web about you, you can never get it back." OK I said, do you ship C.O.D.? I still was not sure about giving this guy my credit card#. Nope. (Strike 2) We talked for another 5 minutes, and I finally decide, "If this guy screws me, it won't be the last time, " So I did it. He took my e-mail down and said he would send me the FED EX tracking # tomorrow. BUT, I gave him a card that I rarely use, and I called the company to put them on alert. By the time I spoke with the credit card company Larry had already charged my card for the exact amount he told me. So all is good, , , The next day came and went - no tracking number. The following day, I left a voice mail with my e-mail address again. I received the tracking number along with an apology e-mail from the original lady the following day.

    Day 4 my shoes arrived and they were EXACTLY what I ordered. I guess the reason I am posting this is to give you my personal experience after I read all the scary stuff. I truly believe these guys are on the up and up - just kind of slack with their follow-up and overall web-based business practices. They probably have a great retail store … that they just relocated.

    Hope this them first and WAIT for the call back.


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  • Eb
      26th of Jan, 2012 - Charged for shoes, nothing ever came, no response from vendo
    United States

    WARNING!!! DO NOT TRANSACT WITH MENSHOENET.COM. Same experience as the others before me here. Charged for shoes. Nothing ever came. No response from vendor. This is clearly a scam. I too have reported this this site to the proper authorities.

    I was suspicious of this site for some reason, but I went against my gut and now I'm sorry. Funny, I've never had any issues with online purchases before. Not even on Ebay.

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