Mens Health- Erectile Dysfunction, PE, Etc / Under Investigation gy Texas Medical Board

1 5550 LBJ Frwy, #360, Dallas, TX 75240, Dallas, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 972-996-0900


According to Lajuana Crossland, Sr. Investigator with The Texas Medical Board, The TMB has launched an investigation of Men’s Edge Medical for widely expressed concerns as early as November 2012. The subject of the investigation was not disclosed and the status is unknown, but it is believed that the investigation includes some or all of the following infractions and abuses:

• Widespread Deception & Fraud
• Improper use of unqualified, unlicensed and improperly trained personnel
• Reckless injury to customers
• Lack of standard and necessary hygiene
• Public Endangerment
• Perjury in official proceedings
• Falsifying medical and sales records
• Improper record keeping
• Illegally selling HCG as an FDA approved Weight loss product: See The Texas Attorney General website @: ( and the FDA’s website @: (
• False advertising: ( and ______
• Misrepresentation

Ms. Crossland and other TMB personnel wish to identify names of victims that have been harmed by this group and witnesses. If you or anyone you know has been injured or adversely affected by this group, you and they are urged to report this directly to Ms. Crosslands @ [protected] or Sabrina Johnston @ sabrina.[protected] You may also file a formal complaint with the TMB @: or The Consumer Complaint Hotline: Phone: [protected] (Toll-free in Texas only). For links to other state agencies responsible for public safety: see end of this report.

It is feared by some in the North Texas greater community that the state’s extreme pro-business attitude has and will continue to result with many agencies and bureaucrats to protect this and other perpetrators at the expense of public safety, especially those agencies run by doctors that have a long-standing tradition of professional courtesy, while subjecting Texas Tax Payer’s to potentially unnecessary risk. Some fear that these agencies will continuously enter into quid-pro-quo agreements that exchange cease-and-desist in return for endless forgive-and-forget. All of the people involved in the MEM enterprise are competent adults that should know better, especially having some training and experience in the medical field. Concerned citizens believe that such agreements are not a viable solution in this case where there is a repeated pattern of deception and fraud.

For a full report of widespread concerns that could be the subject of the investigation can be seen at: and /link removed/

MEM is headquartered at 5550 LBJ Frwy, #360, Dallas, TX 75240. Tel: [protected], fax: [protected]. Website: ( They have recently opened offices in Las Vegas (6380 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 Phone: [protected]) and Kansas City (5401 College Blvd Suite 203, Leawood, KS 66211 Phone: [protected]).

MEM is owned by Charlotte Burns, who is the part-time mastermind of the MEM enterprise. She is also a part-time, substitute ophthalmologist at various clinics in the Dallas area. Raul Garza is the full-time Office Manager and commission-compensated Sales Manager that works in close collaboration with Burns to develop and implement schemes to maximize sales and profits, in coordination with the sales team.
If you are a concerned and incensed citizen, please use the following resources and links to voice your opposition to the lack of proper regulation: Find and contact your state representatives: ( & The Texas Medical Board: (, [protected], [protected], verification.[protected] The Texas Attorney General: ( The Texas Governor: ( The United States President: ( or ( The Texas Department of Safety and Health Services @: (customer.[protected], [protected] or [protected], or by phone list @ (
Those affected by other offices:
Las Vegas, NV: [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; steve.[protected]
Kansas City (Leawood, KS): [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; gregg.[protected]; tomari.[protected]

This company is in an industry that likely requires licensing, bonding or registration in order to lawfully do business. You are urged to check with the appropriate agency to be certain all requirements are currently being met.

These agencies include:

Texas Medical Board
Consumer Complaint Hotline: Phone: [protected] (Toll-free in Texas only)
Fax: [protected]
333 Guadalupe, Tower 3, Suite 610
Austin, TX78701


Texas State Board of Pharmacy
333 Guadalupe Tower 3 Suite 600
Austin, TX78701

Texas Department of State Health Services
PO BOX 149347
(Physical address: 1100 W. 49th Street)
Austin, Texas 78756

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Mar 06, 2013

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