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I signed up the membership since October 2009. I'm not satisfied/ disappointed with the service provided by True Fitness management. It was indeed a beautiful pictures painted by the Manager when persuaded me to sign up the membership. But later, i need to make numerous call to find out about the promised deal I'm suppose to get.

It was promised that I will have 5x Personal Trainer, appointment was fix but when i turn up, the trainer wasn't there. it was promise again they will get someone to call up but in the end no one call up. It happened twice.

Promised that my introducer will get a bag if I sign up the membership but until now she haven't get anything.. I wonder how long it takes to get the bag process? Again, promise to call & get back to me but never.

I was given a free trial for True Spa, appointment was fixed but when me & my friend turn up, was told that one of the lady worker hasn't turn up & we were asked to wait...when asked how long we have to wait.. the lady answered was I'm not sure... I mean what kind of service is this??

I feel really cheated. The membership cost me nearly RM6, 000 (its a big amount) & I certainly feels that is not worth for this kind of service.

Please let me know what should i do to get my money back.

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  • De
      17th of Nov, 2008
    Membership - credit card charges
    United States

    I have a charge on my credit card for 9.95 which I did not authorize ! I had already cancelled my communication with the Wuyo tea people...what a scam ! I want the charge refunded and my charge card NOT to be used again ! I will call the better business bureau, and my local news station which has a "call for action" team !

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  • Se
      18th of Nov, 2008
    Membership - Unable to reach Customer Service for cancellation

    I have tried numerous of times to get ahold of customer service to get charges off of my credit card. On many occasions I found myself on hold for more than 30 minutes with no answer. There is not a link to click on the website to cancel the membership. This is a scam and I should have caught on to it. You get messages from girls in your area. After you pay for the membership the messages stop. I just want to get my money back.

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  • Ag
      22nd of Nov, 2008

    Those sites are a total scam.

    Very often on Torrent sites you see "Meet girls in your city". You sign up for a trial membership and before that expires, you start getting messages from 'girls' in your area. Only the so-called girls are the site admins scamming you into thinking they're real.

    You sign up for the full membership and voila, no more messages. The pics used in the banner ads are ones they stole from MySpace and Facebook profiles. No women sign up to those websites so it's all just guys.

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  • St
      1st of Jan, 2009
    Membership - taking money from our credit card
    United States
    Phone: 800-9895907

    This is another company that is taking US$ 9.95 from our credit card with out our signing up for any thing.
    I want this to stop and to have all our money refunded.
    Regards Patricia

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  • Ja
      25th of Jan, 2009

    I live in New Zealand and have had 2 of these against my credit card and I wasn't even in the US on the date of the transaction.

    Pain to have to cancel my card. Agree I want my money back

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  • Ps
      10th of Feb, 2009

    This company is siphoning money from my credit card from December 2008 as membership and web access. They are changing the number each month as below:
    1. 01/12/2008 WEB ACCESS 800-2819006 4.95 USD $7.84
    2. 31/12/2008 WEB ACCESS 866-2796513 4.95 USD 0.22 AUD $7.44
    3. 31/12/2008 MEMBERSHIP 800-9895907 9.95 USD 0.44 AUD $14.96
    4. 02/02/2009 WEB ACCESS 8007127222 4.95 USD INCL CONVERSION FEE 0.23 AUD $8.01-

    I have not signed off anything anywhere in the web; neither I have asked or agreed to any kind of WEB ACCESS. I am in Australia and never been to USA. Please refund all my money (7.84+7.44+14.96+8.01=38.25 AUD) otherwise I will complain to police.

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  • Jo
      7th of Jan, 2011
    Membership - i didn't order this
    descount member ship
    United States

    on 12/21/10 you took $49.48 dollars from my account, i want my money back i exije that you cancel the membership

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  • Je
      11th of May, 2011
    Membership - i didn't order this
    platinum online group
    United States

    i got a letter in the mail showing that i have ordered something. it was some kind of membership. i never order anything online. the only thing i done was try to get a loan. it took out 500.00 counting my overdraft fees. this is a rip off. i want the money back into my bank account by thurseday or i am taking it to a lawyer and get 3 times my money back for all of the hassel. i am giving you a chance. i have got all of my proof

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