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This seller Wychwood 7, is using our company names in his search engine optimisation to redirect our customers to his ebay site selling product similar to ours under a different name! So basically he is hyjacking us, all our work efforts, advertising, time and money building our businesses. Is this allowed? If not where can we make a complaint/s that will stick (with Google etc)? I wish I could get him kicked off ebay!
My company name is Epidermstore. If you use the google search engine searching my company name, his ebay link comes up number one on the page.
He uses the text Epiderm NZ items in Epiderm store in his heading; these company names and product name (Epiderm) are not his but ours. He also uses the brand name Epidermx in his heading - I'm not sure if he is allowed to as his product name is NaturDerm. He's using our photos as well even though we state on our website the photos are our property and cannot be used by others.
Any help gratefully received!

Member Id Wychwood7

Mar 31, 2013

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