Melonportone mistake can mess everything up

Sorry to say this, but I think it's obvious that any deviances may be a reason why investors don't want to invest. Each mistake, each broken link may mean only one thing - the company didn't care enough about it. The same way the will treat you and the same way they will control all the finances.
The Melonport website has decent descriptions of their processes, but one simple but very important page doesn't exist (it's called "see documentation"). It doesn't work at all.
The team seems serious, the people seems to be serious, but not sure how professional and experienced they are, I never heard of them. Of course, the fact I never heard of them doesn't make them fraudsters, but I really believe that organizations that work with money shouldn't make any kind of mistakes, especially like this one with documents.
PS By the way, what's their exact address? Is it provided?

Nov 21, 2018

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