MEL & ASH INC / slammed

1 CA, US

My phone bill was getting extremely high all of a sudeen and I could not figure out why. I looked at my phone bill tryin g to figure it out and was even on the phone with At &t for long periods of time. Time that I did not have to waste during normal working hours or anytime! Never getting anything resolved. The bills continued to get higher and higher and my phone was shut off. I had had enough! I took the time to study my bills and saw that AT& T was charging me for early termionation. I looked further and saw a long distance carriere was cxharging me monthly. Needless to say I took me a long aggrevating time trying to unravel this mess. In the mean time I had paid over $1500.00 or more for charges that I hsould have not. Pay them or phone service terminated. I do remember someone calling saying they were AT&t and asking to upgrade my serv ice and before they could say anything else I firmly told them I did not want to change anything to leave as is. They weren't and I had to pay.

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