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Meinike / exhaust system repairs

1 Route 23 NorthButler, United States

A few months ago I began to hear a growing loud exhaust system noise comming from the engine compartment of my 1994 Nissan Sentra XE. What I thought was a blown gasket for the front end of the exhaust pipe turned out to be a complete break in the pipe directlycbehind the front pipe's front flange. This very same pipe was replace by Meinike just over two years ago. I took it back to them and they told me they could reweld the break in the pipe and with labor it would cost about $109.00 plus tax. Two years earlier I paid these clowns over $400 to replace this original part that had performed flawlessly for over 14 years. Now two years later, I'd have to fork over an additional 1/4 more bucks just to weld it and hope it holds. I then went online and found several parts stores that had this same part available for just over $63.00 (and free shipping). I also noticed something unusual of a pair of shock like springs at where the pear end of this pipe connected to tha catalytic converter. I went under my car and examined and found no such identical shock springs. In essence this pipe was being held locked firmly in place - along with an underbody mounted clamp. This is what ultimatly caused the front pipe to shear off at the manifold - no engine vibration or shock related stress from things like potholes being passed down to the shock springs just before the cat converter. I orderred the replacement frontpipe and after a visit to a nearby parts place came away with the necessary nuts, bolts, mounting bracket and gaskets and did the job myself. I'll be writing to Meinike management after this, but for now, BE FOREWARNED HOW MEINIKE'S MECHANICAL INCOMPETENCE COST ME ADDITIONAL BUCK TO FIX THEIR $400 MISTAKE!


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