Meijer / employee

Sault Sainte Marie, MI, United States

Alright, I recently applied to the new meijer store opening in sault Sainte marie, MI. Only to find that the job I was looking into (starbucks supervisor) had already been given to one of my Facebook friends jillian smart. I messaged her asking about the news and was trying to see if she'd put in a good word for me bcs I'm applying. She then told me I HAVE NO OPENINGS! This store isn't scheduled to open for a couple more months. I figured meijer is an equal opportunity workplace and I was shook by this girl who is pretty much telling me she's not giving me a job before she even goes to orientation???? My complaint/question would be does this girl know what she's talking about and can she refuse me before even reviewing my application! I think the new starbucks supervisor will be causing many unforseen issues with the new store and I hate to see such a nice space get wasted with disrespectful and immature staff.

Mar 18, 2017

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