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I am writing you today to detail Shirley M. Dickson's experience during her stay at the Methodist Stone Oaks Hospital from December 4, 2016 through December 6, 2016. It was a bad experience!

First, I want to assure you that their staff in the ER Unit did all they were allowed to do to make her stay a good experience. However it was not a good experience due to the demands of the hospital management team to stuff as many patients as they could into this facility so that they met their financial results for the hospital.

Prior to this visit, Shirley had been diagnosed with pneumonia in the upper lob of her right lung. The shift doctor in the ER Unit made a decision that Shirley should stay at the hospital for two to three days to ensure positive results from the medication. When Shirley arrived at their ER Unit, her oxygen level was low.

Shirley was then taken to an ER room and put onto a gurney. She was told that she was to sleep there for the night. This room has no toilet, no shower and no place for her husband to stay with her for the night. We both had real problems getting to sleep that night. We were told that if we wanted breakfast, we would have to order it from the hospital food service and pay extra for the food. We were also told that it may take up to two hours before the food arrives and it may be cold on arrival.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Antonio, TX Shirley was then moved to a second ER location. She was still on a gurney and did not have a shower, food and/or private toilet. Shirley was released on December6, 2016.

A summary of Shirley's experience is:
1. She had to sleep on a gurney bed for two nights. She did not sleep more than four hours for these two nights. She was confined to the bed due to her vital signs being monitored during these three days and two nights.
2. She had to use public toilets when needed,
3. She was unable to take a shower for two nights.
4. Her husband had to bring food to her for each meal from outside the hospital.

It is clear to us that the hospital management is trying to push as many patients as possible through your system even though they have no beds available for new patients. Patients be damned, they are determined to meet or exceed your financial goals!!!
Shirley's bill from Methodist Stone Oak Hospital which is $42, 097.00. This charge is for two terrible nights and three days. This is way over the top. This bill is very close to what my first house cost. Shirley's portion of the bill is $575.00 plus and second bill from Lonestar Hosp Med Assoc for $161.75.

This terrible experience and costs were due to a management decision to pack the hospital with patients to generate revenue and the customer (patient) be damned. This is corporate greed in spades.

Jan 14, 2017

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