Megan Storemicrosoft surface pro 4 never delivered

I am here to report recent scam, which caused me to lose $4700.

1. Product Name – Microsoft Surface Pro 4.
2. Price – $750.
3. Why it’s a scam – I will describe it later.
4. Website URL – none. I found their contacts on our local advertising website:

Seller: Megan Store. (representative Ella Karov, CEO – Megan Vija, money recipient – Andre Adams or Andry Adams – used both). Though no Facebook, no reviews, no website, nothing on Google on either of those persons.

Everything started, when I visited local advertising website (shown above), and I decided to write them a message. They provided a really good price, because everywhere else in Lithuania the lowest price for that item was €1350, so it got my attention. I contacted the sales representative Ella Karov, we arranged the deal that I am paying $100 advance payment, and $650 after delivery. Had I known this would go too far and cause me losing another $4600, I would have run away as fast as I can, leaving that $100. Next day I got email to transfer another €215, 50 for shipping, though shipping was stated as free in our initial agreement. Ok. Did that.

Then the next day – duty tax for another €174, 50. Reluctant, yet wanting to get my items, I transferred this amount. Then, in 2 days I got another “advise” to pay, because of the 2 days delay, when I was reluctant to “proceed” with payments, one of the fees “expired” and it should have been “renewed”. Ok. Another €212.50. Then came the interesting part – the insurance was wrong, it was for wholesale items, and not for a single item, so I was “advised” to pay €657 to buy “correct” insurance. Angry and reluctant, full of feelings of hopelessness, I did that. But it didn’t solve our issues. Item was bounced, and they said there’s going to be 45 days “lifting” period, and I will get my item after 45 days. I asked to solve it, as 45 days is not acceptable.

Then they called the order back, and offered me to buy “another 19 items” in order for this wholesale insurance to work. They offered me a deal, which included 19 iPhone 7 (128 GB) and 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 for total price of $7300. We agreed that I pay 25% upfront and another 75% one month after delivery. Before I sent money via MoneyGram. This time I asked to do transfers via bank payment. They agreed, so I transferred $1825, in hopes to get those 19 iPhones, 1 Samsung for very cheap price and my Surface, which was initial purchase soon.

Then they said it is going to take 10 days for the transfer to be credited in their account, as I’ve stated that it’s for the purchase, and bank “inspects” such payments. So, if I wanted to get my items faster, I should transfer $1270 without any notice of purchase, so it could be credited faster. Did that. And on Friday I should have received my items. Did that happen? No. The delivery was supposed to be to DHL Global Forwarding Vilnius office, I contacted them 4 times on Friday, they checked with various departments, and confirmed that no records of delivery by both sender and receiver ever existed.

When I contacted CEO of Megan Store, Megan Vija, she explained that because they declared lower value ($3000 instead of $7300), Tax Collecting Agency doesn’t approve this transaction, so they need to double the declared value and I “need” to transfer another $3000. I declined and asked for refund, and they said they are not going to do that, since it is me who is “causing the delay”.

Tracking website:, tracking number: ADS5850557LT
As you can see, it says it’s delivered, but DHL confirmed that no delivery records ever existed.

Sep 25, 2017

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