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As a first time "self-employed" individual facing the end of employer sponsored health insurance, I was "taken" by a smooth talk, high cost, low coverage policy. In addition to paying an excessively high premium, I recently found when I had an actual need to utilize my health insurance (after 8 mos of perfect health), I found out that I had no coverage for diagnostic testing. It seems odd to have an insurance policy which only covers me if I am healthy.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Diego, CANow that I have a need for real coverage having found a lump in my breast, I am not only NOT covered to find out if it is cancer, I am uninsurable by any company because I went to my Dr to have it checked. Mega Health "offered" to allow me to try to "qualify" for the Diagnostic Testing rider which would cost an additional $30 per month, but they will not approve me for this additional coverage.
This seems to me to be the most basic of coverage, not being included in a standard plan. It is like ordering Basic Cable and being told that CBS is an extra charge when you call to complain that your cable is not working properly.
Is this REALLY legal?????

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      Nov 20, 2008
    Mega Health and Life Insurance - Return of monies owed
    Mega Health and Life Insurance
    United States

    I keep receiving phone calls about a debt owed to Creditwatch collections agency. I could not figure out why they keep calling me and tried desperately to get them to send me something in the mail, via email or fax. They would not send anything to me at all. I finally got them to tell me it was through a company called Mega Health and Life Insurance. I have never worked for this company and now some collections agency is coming after me for this. I have tried telling them that I do not know who they are trying to contact, but I am not that person. They are very persistent and continue calling me and not leaving me alone. I have also tried to get a hold of the Mega Health and Life Insurance company, but can never find the person I need to talk with and am given the run-around. I think this whole thing is a scam to scare people into paying them money.

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