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Meera Glass Ind. / GOON ACT OF GRP

1 India

my brother booked a parcel from mumbai to firozabad.Sinc the bill of lading and parcel ticket arrived on 28.03.08 i went to collect the parcel on 30.03.08 with my two friends mr.nadeem and r.junaid.the parcel office deleverd me the parcel and chareged me for late fee of rs.25/-i paid this fee and all the formalities were cleared.while moving out of station a grp guard stopped me and i showed himthe recipt but he insisted me to come in the corner and pay him rs 10/- as a charge i asked him why he said this is my charge and i will not give you any receipt in other words he asked me for bribes and comfiscated my receipt.
to this my friend nadeem told him when we have all the required receipt and documents why should we pay you and the converstaion fumed.The Grp guard Mr.Harinder singh with listening any thing torned my friends shirt and started dragging him and when we opposed this illegal act he made a call to some body who was not in a duty dress we thought he is a civilian without listening any thing he tried baeting my friend we thought he is a local gudda so we made our friend run for help and when i asked him to produce his identity card using unparliamentary language he said he will show it in the grp police station and started beating us inhuman manner and shouted you are thieves.we were made to sut in police station where this man he did not let his name or designation out beat us badly snatched our mobiles and started harrasing us with all the criminal acts that will be charged against us and we will be send to the jail for 06 months on non bailables warrants.afted this the officer mr.s.k verma arrived he too started harasing us with same reasons and hand cuffed my friends and called the parcel incharge who gave the true statement to his statement the guard who was in civil dress told him he is not making any statments according to the law and should help GRP to send these thieves to jailLater officer mr.s.k. verma forced us to write an statement that we misbehaved with guard on duty and we will not repeat this in the future and also we will be avavilable when we are called t the station.

The incident tookpalce at the railways station of district firozabad-283203 U.P. and also when we were realised the guard Mr.Hariender singh demanded Rs.10/-which we were forced to pay after all the physical and mental tortures.

I am into exports business and with all the progress around the world we still have several issues which i would request to tale to the railways ministry since this humilating and inhuman treatment left me in mental dilema.

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