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OK lets Start with the fact that on the day of our orientation (just 3-4 days before our classes were to begin) we were told when and where our classes were to begin causing a lot of headaches for working people because the classes started in the middle of the day. I was told that my classes wouldnt transfer but when they did I was told I either could retake the classes at medvance or use the credit that i already had which would put me out of financial aid and i would have to pay several thousand dollars out of pocket for that semester. There was a man that they allowed in class who had a issue with touching women and being very aggressive. He had been fired from his former job for being caught with a female patient and yes they were pulling his license. But good ol medvance decided to let him in the program where he was very physical and lewd towards most of the females in the class. He finally got expelled after having a public physical altercation with me and threatening to grab another students breast because she wouldnt do what he wanted her to do. when class was ending I was told that I owed them $11, 000 and could not graduate until it was paid. Yeah I hate Nashville Medvance.


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      Aug 17, 2009

    I had a very difficult time following the author and her rant to make this school look bad. Question: Did you let someone know right away that the man allowed in class was doing this type of thing? I have found that management wants to do the right thing if it knows this type of behavior is going on. It looks like someone just wants to bash the school in an attempt to get money out of the deal to me.

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      Nov 16, 2010

    Sometimes I think they hire Medvance employees to troll these boards and comment.

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