Medsxdra / Rezvxtra

1 TN, US

This company never sent any product and charged my credit card 86.87. After the 14 day trial and after not receiving any product they charged me anyway.The other number which is [protected] that you are suposed to use to cancel during the 14 day trial is some guys voice mail that doesn't return calls. The phone center at [protected] did get a human on the line after a 45 min wait. They said they would cancel my subscription but did not want to give me a credit for the 86.87. I held for an additional 45 min's before loosing patients and hanging up waiting for his supervisor. I would expect his supervisor is very busy with complaints like mine. The only thing I could do afterward was to have a new card issued with a new number to avoid further charges.
The supplement may be good, I never got a chance to try it. The company MedsXdra is very questionable and for the sake of Pete don't do business with them unless you have some money you don't need.

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