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medstabletepharmacyworld.com / PharmacyExpress / MyCanadianPharmacy / Harassing calls

Oct 28, 2016
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Could someone please inform www.medstabletepharmacyworld.com and PharmacyExpress in London UK and www. MyCanadianPharmacy and their hundreds of idiot agents to stop sending us harassing and threatening e-mails with their web sex sites they would like you to visit. Their pharmacies have people selling their drugs and they invite you to view their PERSONAL web sites for these pharmacy companies. Some of them are insane, for instance( huynh tilda represents www.firstexclusive.com this is what the pharmacy is sending us- The melody 0f your soul...insist that even in your case everyup. I kept going on grinning and the monestary to whom the order was mortification, it is a wail; which is exaggerated. at the stove)
Who would order meds from these idiots????That's not all. They have personal web sites. We get 20 to 50 of these a day. Here are more of their reps... tmcolligan x yahoo.com
Krista Crandall atcalisthenic x tamil.com Betty Williams at bettympwmaul x hotmail.com Shane colon at hypothyroid x whale-mail.com and they all lead to the pharmacies listed here.One in Canada has an outlet in N.Y. I did not ask these people to harass us day and night or to tell us they were legit when they know US citizens cannot receive meds from Canada. They tell you that it is legal when you tell them it IS NOT LEGAL and stop harassing you, they start sending you up to 50 e-mails a day.


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Online Pharmacies - Cannot deliver a controlled Drug
Online Pharmacies
United States

The DEA has put an end to all illegal online pharmaceuticals outlets that sell and prescribe controlled narcotics online. This is proven by all the reports of all people who post here reporting that their product have not been delivered or have receivced their order containing a drywall gypsum as their order. Fake meds because they do not have the real thing. And if you fall victim to the Canadian or Mexican internet trade you are wasting your money these meds are truly made of sawdust tree syrup and wallboard. do not believe me:go to the Official DEA website and type in the search engine ONLINE PHARMACIES Read for your self that you are all falling prey to fake meds and non deliveries of so called pharmacy grade narcotics. The days of obtaining true pharmacy grade narcotics via the internet are GONE, GONE FOR GOOD.
N  14th of Dec, 2011 by 
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Online Pharmacies - Illness
Online Drugstores
United States

I'm a magazine writer looking for anyone who has ordered prescription drugs from an online Canadian drugstore and then had a negative experience with their purchase. Specifically, I'd like to speak ON THE RECORD with people who received counterfeit goods that may have injured or sickened them. Please write to me at jbrjbr@aol.com and include your phone number if possible so I can verify the information. The material will appear in a national health magazine, and I will explain the details when we speak. Thanks in advance for your help, and please no spammers or crazies. -- Jeff

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