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Good day,

I have had the spa for some time now (which by the way I didn't even want, but I eventually gave in and took the thing. I don't even use it). I have been paying monthly, in January 2016 I wanted to pay a bigger amount, as I could afford it, so I made a separate payment. Since then I have been harassed by CT International to actually pay the FULL amount, I am receiving very very rude phone calls and even messages to my cellphone from a very arrogant lady, Ayanda Newman - 15 CTI Business Park, 69 Vasco Boulevard, Goodwood, 7460.

I have never experienced such bad service in my life, she is totally unprofessional, and even started screaming at me, I actually put the phone down, as I got so upset. Her messages, and emails are also very rude. I have also sent her an email where I said that I can afford R50 per month, (as we have a baby on the way, when I am earning a salary again I will be able to pay more). Her response was: "Its up to you"

I am very disgusted and so upset, she is the reason for me to even consider giving up, and accepting a bad credit record, I really feel the need to resolve this, as we all work with Customers, and i have never treated my customers badly, never mind shouted at them, it is really not okay.

I really need to speak to someone about this, this is not acceptable

Please assist.

REF - [protected]

Medizone Spa

Jan 26, 2017
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  • De
      Feb 02, 2017


    Your issue isn't with Medizone it's with CTI. Contact them and ask to speak to someone els.


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  • Lo
      Oct 15, 2018
    Medizone Spa - Medizone ozone spa bath
    South Africa

    I need a place in the vaal triangle to service my machine. Model S-2 The nr in randburg is non existant and the one for three rivers ring but no one answers. I must be contacted via e-mail [protected]

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