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Meditation Center / Terrible experience

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On their card they call themselves master teachers of meditation and they say that it is free, but this is not the case. They have aliases and they are very... well they seem to be hiding a lot. The closest thing to meditation they do is chant with their eyes closed. I went their to meditate in silence, with maybe a person talking about waterfalls and taking my mind to peaceful places or something like that, but this was definitely not what was going on with the white Hari Krishna’s. They chant for hours repeating the words "Hari Bol" over and over for hours. They sing and dance, " Hari bol, Hari bol". They say that everything is free, however if you do not offer a donation you will be asked for money, as was the case with me. They will tell stories about Hari Krishna and his followers. The couple will argue a lot about which version of the story is correct and it is very uncomfortable. The man treats his wife like crap talking bad about her behind her back. They have an alter and they get down on their knees and bow down, then rise with arms up and hands spread out, then bow down and rise all while saying words that I didn't recognize. The man insists that you use the words "Hari Bol" instead of hello, good bye, good morning, good night, thank you, I’m sorry and just about everything. When ever I would say good morning Smaranam (his name) I would be corrected, "no no... Hari bol say Hari bol. They have camping retreats that bring Jim Jones to mind. They are so poor that the man sleeps in the garage and the wife sleeps in a tent in the back yard. This way they can rent out the house so they have money but live uncomfortable and it shows. Yes is shows in their faces, they are always mad about something especially the man who acts like a little kid slamming doors and slamming windows so hard they want to break. All this instead of just talking, yes this "master teacher" has a lot to learn my friend.


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