Medical Malpractice / medical malpractice surgery causing me to lose one of my twins

i went in for twin to twin transfusion surgery to have them separate the blood vessels through the umbilical cord with laser so they wouldn't be connected anymore and they would have there own supply and they ended up burning the ends of vessels off to my healthier baby girl.and she passed away the next day..she was healthier and bigger one they were shocked that she didn't make it but obviously if you cut the blood supply to a baby there not going to make it !!! I'm so devastated and can't get over it currently looking to see if i have a case against them for killing her..and the worst part is i lost her at 21 weeks!!! she was fully grown!! and she's still in my belly!!! I'm 29/4 days now and have to deliver her when i have her sister...dont know how ima be able to look at her and say goodbye its ridiculous and the worst part is the doctor that did it wasn't even sincere about it ..said it with such carelessness, ..i wanted to punch him in the face..

Apr 11, 2016

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