Medical Department StoreNo pro-rating - what a SCAM

Seniors, handicapped persons, lower-income individuals - BEWARE! I was trying to manage health care for my mother in Florida while I was living in Connecticut. For nearly a year. Not an easy task. I'll cut to the chase: We rented a lift chair (recliner that helps a handicapped person to stand and sit) from February 26 to March 27. For $165. We returned it on March 31. We have been getting billed for $165...for the four days after March 27! $165 for 4 days!

Jennifer at MDS says "We don't pro-rate anything." Way to go, Jennifer. I'm sure your commission is worth the misery you inflict on others to pay $165 for FOUR DAYS!

My parents are on a fixed income - every dollar matters. Jennfer and should be ashamed of yourself. When your own parents get old and ill - I hope they run into somebody JUST LIKE YOU.

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