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My name is Don J Lorencz from West Kelowna BC Canada and because of some very serious health conditions I am experiencing we purchased a very expensive Medical Alert Mobile 365 through Costco here in Kelowna.
This company is not only promoting false advertising as we have tried 3 brand new replacement units and not one of them on standby would last longer than 13 hours yet they advertise everywhere that this unit lasts 39 hours on standby which is an outright lie!!! and false advertising which we are complaining about to both the Canadian and the U.S. BBB. But the worst thing about this company and every person owning one of these should be aware of is the lie that this thing will find you ANYWHERE as that is a BOLD FACED LIE! Last night at our local swimming pool, 5 miles from our home my machine fell apart and fell to the cement floor, obviously reporting a fall to Medical Alert. We thought no more of it and within an hour we returned home to find an ambulance sitting in front of our home! Medical Alert had notified them but could not see on their so called GPS that we were at the pool 5 miles away and not at our home yet they dispatched the ambulance to our home. If this would have been another major heart attack, I would be dead this morning instead of typing this thanks to Medical Alert and their lies that they will find you anywhere. We want as many people across Canada and the United States that are relying on Medical Alert to save their lives to know it is a pack of lies AND IT WILL NOT FIND YOU UNLESS YOU ARE AT YOUR HOME PERIOD AND DON'T LET THEM TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT AS THIS WAS OUR 3RD MOBILE 365 IN A MONTH!!!

Nov 25, 2016

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