MediamarktUnethical behavior

I got an UHD TV from ( website in Turkey. After the TV was shipped, I called the technical service team to set the TV. As they opened the box, and plugged the TV, they realized that the TVs panel was broken. To find out the cause they looked for faults on the package and saw that there was a small problem in the bottom right corner of the box. And they inferred that this was caused during shipment and wrote their report accordingly. As I called the call center in Turkey they told me that after submitting the report via mail, they would change the broken TV. After I sent the reports, they have not done anything for 5 days. When I called them for the result, they told me that I am also supposed to give them the report written by the shipment company( which i had not taken due to the fact that when I got the TV, I could not see the small damage which is in the bottom right of the corner and can not be seen if you do not lift the box). If i saw the box was damaged in the first place, I definitely would not receive the TV from the shipping company. And mediamarkt keeps saying that as long as I do not send the report from the shipping company, they will not send me a working TV.

Oct 05, 2015

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