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I purchased this program abouot 10 years ago. I wanted to download an auto repair book and their program came up in the search. I purchased a life time membership for $29 and quickly found out that I couldn't get the book of the internet in the form of a download. I was upset and sent them an email. I just knew I would never see that $29 again and I told them what I thought about their marketing pratices.

In about two days I was suprised when I recieved an emial from them apoligizing for my problem with the program and they refunded my money completely.

Well after a while i came accross the program on my computer and tried it and i couldn't believe it was still working. I wound up trying it for other searches and it was fantastic. I could download almost anything I wanted all for free. I downloaded so much music you wouldn't believe. Books, videos, porn, almost anything I could think of. I fell in love with that MediaCrawler.

Then a while back I tried it one day and it wasn't working... Sadness... I tried everything but couldn't get it to work.

Every so often I would go back and try it again and still nothing.

Then today I tried it one more time with no luck. Then I did a google search for the name and found that the Domain name is for sale... I guess that's it... It's never coming back... Can we have a moment of silence for that fantastic program... Who ever it was that ran that site, I miss it...

What happened?

I don't know what happened with all you people that had a bad time with this program, I'm sorry about that, but I had a great time using this program... and I want it back again...

May 16, 2017

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