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I received a computer generated call/recorded message from them. It said one of my prescriptions could not be filled, and rattled off the number before I knew I needed to write it down.
Then it said, "We will send you a letter."

WHAT? Why can't I talk to a person to figure out exactly which Rx you are rejecting and why? I can't wait 10 business days to get the letter from you. I need my meds.

Trying to call through on their 800# is useless. You'll go through a 3o minute phone tree and push a ton of buttons on your phone and still never talk to a human being.

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  • Da
      Feb 25, 2009

    Why are your agents making "cold "calls to my 83 year old mother;asking for confidental personal information, ie. date of birth, etc.It is in this day of fraud and agressive selling an unacceptable practice which is unethical and risky.For a complete detail of this complaint, I can be reached at [protected] David Sadowski.I await your call!

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  • Em
      May 26, 2009

    we call because you have the wrong information on your application and if we dont get that we can't process the application and she will be denied and will need to reenroll in another year and go withhold coverage for a year
    we don't cold call we send a letter stating we need that
    or else your mother specified she would like to have us call her back on an issue and we have to verify her date of birth before we can give out and infromation

    i guess you would perfer us to not verify anything with your mother and give out her personal health information to anyone who answers the phone

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