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Medaille College / Security Credit Systems / Harrassing collector

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I attended an orientation program for a Teaching Cert. program in Canada for an American college. I paid a deposit which stated the terms incl. tuition was due by xx date unless I withdrew. A few issues came up which ended up making it impossible for me to attend. My student loan approval was about half of what I initially expected, so financially it would be impossible to start that semester. Also, my old medical records (required for crossing the border) had been lost by my previous doctor apparently in a computer crash a few years prior. Why I wasn't told about that is another story. Re. the financial situation, I also had to prove to US immigration that I had the funding up front for my costs- which at this point I wouldn't have. I contacted the school admissions via email and letter advising that A) I would have to start at a later entry date or, if this wasn't allowed/possible B) withdraw (as per the agreement.) I asked what I needed to do to withdraw. No reply. Eventually, having no Visa credentials, medical records, or required funds, and having never even SET FOOT in the school, I assumed I was considered withdrawn. Mistake #1!!! Months later, the school started contacting me for my 'past due tuition'. I spoke to several people about the situation. Naturally, they were in finance, not admissions, and couldn't help, but would get someone to contact me from admissions. None ever did. It all stopped for about a year, then I suddenly was inundated with calls from a collector, asking for the full tuition amount, plus interest and fees equalling about 50% of the original amount!!! He's called neighbours of mine, people with the same last name, etc. I explained everything; his standard reply- "You signed the agreement, you owe the money." I said I would've withdrawn as required if I knew HOW TO DO SO! He basically said ignorance is no excuse etc. This has been ongoing about 4 years now. Does anyone know if there is a statute of limitations, or if a US company even has legal grounds against me in Canada? Or if things went to court, would it have to be in the jurisdiction I signed the form in? My point is, first, the school was dirty and sneaky for not providing me with the information needed to get out of the agreement in the first place. But this collector is a world class a-hole. I'm thinking if I haven't been taken to court by now, they have no grounds to so. But I'm scared that if this isn't the case, I'm in a huge mess!

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  • Jo
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    I've dealt with SCS, and they were obnoxious and rude. As soon as the college sent the case to them, they put on 3000.00 in fees. They wanted a substantial down payment and would verbally abuse me. They called me all the time, everywhere, including my job. They called me names such as loser. This has been going on since 2000. I am now being sued for the outstanding balance from my college, even though I had left halfway through the semester. I will let you know how it goes.

  • Ra
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    I am, as well, being harrassed by this collection agency. They were rude as well, saying I signed an agreement (not to pay 30% more in collection fees!). I tried to pay $100 a month on my account, but they refused, wanting the whole amount and saying that if I did not, it would go to legal proceedings equalling $1, 600 I would have to pay. I have just emailed the school (Indiana University) to see if I could bypass the agency, and will see what they say.

  • Jg
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    You people don't know how to read. You all signed contracts/enrollment agreements saying if you signed up for school you would attend and finish the program. Once you sign that contract that seat in that class is yours. Even if you decide to drop out of that class, you took a seat that someone else could have potentially had...therefore you have to pay for it. As far as all the fees, yeah they stink...but collections companies don't work for free. Your schools are the ones tacking on the fees because they had to pay another company to find you and try to get you to pay your bill. I agree collection companies shouldn't call people losers or anything along those lines, but that's not a company thing, that's juse someone being rude. Honestly, you should just pay the school what you owe before it goes to collections so you don't have to pay all those fees. A lot of schools will sue to get their money, so sometimes $100 a month doesn't make sense when they know they can just garnish wages and what not...

  • Tb
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    I had the same problem with University of Tampa saying I owe SCS $6000, $4000 more than what the original amount was. I think we should get together and file a lawsuit against these [censor]s for extortion. I would also like to point out that University of Tampa is a non-profit school and, therefore, is only allowed, by law, to collect a specific amount of fees above that what is actually owed. Any of you happen to be African-American?

  • Aw
      19th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    i am dealing with these [censor]s right now... he did told me that he is gona report that on my credit and told me to be in court..etc BS>
    if they want it to report to my credit, they have done that long time ago...2 years ago... and they think i am afriad of going to court and stuf.. the only reason i m payin them coz its not worth the headic.

    we live only once and its better to just pay these AHoles and start to get back in is too short..they not gona care but u should care.

    but oh man... they are mean and rude... that guy told me that i sound like his 14 year old son "confused" and also told me that " sir you have to pay in american dollar" and i was ... you goto be the first black racists person i have ever talk to.

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