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To date I have not had feedback from MDLR and it has been a week.

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Dear Mr Gopal Goyal,

Your message to your customer’s on your website states:

Our commitment is to provide the highest standards of service on Board and Ground.

I would like to inform you about our experience flying from Delhi to Goa. As a Customer Service Manager I hope you take this feedback on board and do something to right this wrong.

We (4 people) arrived at Delhi Airport on time for our 11:00am flight and then called the call-centre to find out what time check-in would open to which we were informed an hour before departure. At 10:15 the check-in counter was still not open. We then spoke to your so-called “Customer Services Desk” (A word of advice – if you are looking for “high standards on ground” you should consider advising your recruitment department to change their screening process of the people that are hired). Your customer services informed us that ALL morning flights have been delayed to a later 15:00 flight. Clearly your call-centre and airport desk are hands working from different bodies as we were mis-informed.

We did not received notification of ANY kind prior to our arrival in Delhi Airport. We were on holiday in India from South Africa and had reservations booked and waiting for our arrival in Goa. This delay cost us a huge amount of money which will be tallied later in this letter. We were then further informed just before 15:00 that our flight was further delayed until 17:00. Bear in mind we had booked in a full days stay at our hotel in Goa as well as hired a car for that day, our trip to India for only 10 days was reduced to 9 because of MDLR (one of which was spent in Delhi Airport due to the atrocious customer services from MDLR airlines.)

After the second delay we asked to speak to a manager. Just for the record a manager is the most influential person to their direct staff - which I am sure you are well aware. When a manager is asked for (especially in a face to face situation) and he responds to his staff member in a laughing situation advising the staff member he does not wish to deal with it and the staff member should deal with it himself this is completely unacceptable. Eventually the manager (deputy), I believe his name was Mr Khan, did come speak to me. He was nothing but rude, patronizing, unhelpful and completely obnoxious to me, to make matters worse this was done in-front of other MDLR staff members. On more than one occasion during the conversation I had to remind him he was speaking to a customer and that he should be helpful NOT patronizing. He clearly does not have any customer services skills and how he is a manager is beyond me.

I asked him what he was going to do so we can move forward, he then blamed “makemytrip” for not informing us of the delay (I have CC’d them as well as filled in their customer services feedback on your airline). I told him I am the customer and I am dealing with MDLR to which he had no response. I then said to him we would never fly MDLR again and his response was:

“That is entirely your decision”. Apparently your Delhi Support Desk is notorious for saying this:

Lets put things into perspective 90 odd people on your flight, 4 unhappy (there were more than 4 unhappy customers because I spoke to them) customers – that’s about 5% of customers who are going to tell everyone we know never to use MDLR airlines. One of the 4 people works in the travel industry booking trips for people specifically to India almost every month; she will never use your service again. I asked him for contact details to complain and he didn’t know and gave me a GMAIL email address rather than the ones listed on the website.

Mr Khan who raised his voice more than once then offered to pay for our lunch, we asked him to give us this in writing to which he refused. He said he would come see us and buy lunch for us to which he didn’t – at this point it wasn’t a big surprise that he didn’t fulfill his promise as it was clear his word meant little. This man represents YOUR company. He walked passed us a few hours later, saw us but didn’t approach us with money for our lunch.

It doesn’t get better as after speaking to the very unhelpful Mr Khan who clearly shouldn’t be leading anyone, we called the call-centre again. The poor lady Mumta, who answered said the calls are recorded, I suggest you listen to these calls. I asked to speak to a manager; none were available as it was the weekend. I asked for a managers name and she refused point blank to give it to me, However, strangely enough I asked for the owner of the company and your name was given immediately.

Once again I would like to bring your attention to other complaints about your company:

We lost the following in Rupees, which I am claiming from your company in compensation:

1 day car hire =

1 000 rupees

Food compensation which was promised to us:

600 rupees

Goodwill compensation for time spent on delays at the airport, bad customer services, 1 day lost of our trip and frustration * 4 customers:

I will leave this to you to offer.

As a visitor to your country I am extremely disappointed with the attitudes of your staff. They were unhelpful and seemed to think that as a customer I should be in-debited to them – they failed to realise that if it wasn’t for customers they would be out of jobs. My view of MDLR airlines is that they are rude, unhelpful, patronizing, obnoxious and just plain down incompetent. If you are truly interested in customer services Mr Goyal, I suggest you carry out different sorts of surveying i.e. face to face, calls to your customers, mystery shopping etc. Customers should be treated with respect and dignity not raised patronizing voices. Your staff are the face of your company, they represent MDLR airlines and trust me their representation isn't one you can me proud of.

I work in Customer Services, if a manager can make false promises in front of his staff there is no hope for the company. Your team needs to be trained that building relationships with clients is what makes a business. It is cheaper to retain customers than find new ones. Your staff clearly do not understand this.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope I receive a response from you unlike the other customer listed in the link above.

With kind regards,

Shanelle Govenden

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      Nov 03, 2009

    I would like to say to mr. Gopal goyal that "your commitment is to render services of lowest possible standards to your customers on the ground well before going on board". 40 days have gone, my repeated calls to the call centre and the Accounts section but your staff have not bothered to process my refund for which I was entitled to get in full within 3 to 4 days due to cancellation of flight no. 9H171 on 25th september 2009 (Delhi to Jamshedpur) my PNR no. is 0M0JLX. I have also sent a mail to you in this regard in the past but no response? this is the height of negligency and casual behaveour towards customers and for which people like you and your staff must be fixed. I can only warn others intending to travel by MDLR airlines, they are here to cheat you.

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