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MCPT Melbourne College of Professional Therapists / Exploit students (staff)

1 Ferntree Gully Rd & Jells Rd, Wheelers Hill, Victoria Wheelers Hill, Victoria, Australia Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (03) 9562-2280

They exploit their students- A year ago I went there and they offered me a subsidized course fee $2500 (for remedial massage) if we did 1400 hours in the student clinic, and said it would take 2-3 years. They made us sign the forms with a 14 day cool-off period, but little did we know that we started clinic AFTER the 14 day cool off which is when they explained a few conditions. We found out that we had to have CLIENTS to count for the hours we spent in the clinic massaging them, and the hours that we were there if we didn't have a client weren't counted. On top of that, there were not enough clients for us to be able to complete the course in 2-3 worked out that we would be there for at least 5 to eight years just trying to get the hours to complete the course! We were actually making them around $22 grand in the meantime, with our time and work! So much for a subsidized course! When we confronted them about this, they tried to keep us quiet, saying that we had to schedule a meeting with the head person.. and we were banned from talking to other students about any of it! Well... I left, and took most of the students with me after they figured out what was happening! We tried to take legal action, and get my money back but it was "after their cool off period"...they are such a big company with many loopholes so I ended up losing $2500. That's a lot for an 18 year old! No one go there... send the ### broke for what they do to their students!!!

MCPT Melbourne College of Professional Therapists

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  • An
      8th of Nov, 2017
    +2 Votes

    I've recently had Mr mckail demand I remove my graduated certificate from public display.
    I was bullied out of the school.
    There is so much to say about Dr Thomas Mckails bullying behaviour and fraudulent business tactics.
    I discovered that it was after he google searched his own name that he found my certificate.
    Please be aware of this man

  • Ge
      19th of Feb, 2018
    +3 Votes

    DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT trust "Dr" Thomas McKail any further than you can throw that arrogant bullying weasel. There is nothing good and nothing honest about him. He'll take every opportunity to rip you off, not give your things back and threaten you with the police and his apparent martial arts expertise. He's got his own rules.. for example, he took a cup from a water fountain, filled it up, drunk it and then put the cup straight back where they came from. Smiled at me as if to say it's OK. Damn well NOT OK. I worked in his sleazy clinic in 2004 and am still appalled and disgusted by his aggressive, rude and nasty existence.

  • Se
      21st of Aug, 2018
    +2 Votes

    MCPT has been practicing like this for years. Mr McKails antics have been long standing and would even go as far as to say his own qualifications are questionable. However the course that is run adheres to the rules and regulations of RTO's and the practical aspect was always substantial with qualified practitioners (osteopaths) and those with cert IV training, teaching.
    There should be further investigations into the practice of this training organisation, I only looked up MCPT to see if it was still running - sad to say that when you are young you are far too trusting of people. Mr McKail - aslo prefers to be called 'Dr' I am a medical professional these days and I can certainly say no one around here makes you call them 'Dr'!

  • Ba
      25th of Nov, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Secret Candy Please make contact if this occurred recently. This college has been shut down by ASQA and are not permitted to take students. If this is happening currently, ASQA need to know and appropriate action can be talen

  • Ad
      13th of Oct, 2018
    +3 Votes

    I was his student and was promised to give me the certificate when I completed my course. He never did and always extended my practical hours so that I work for free while he charged his patients. I followed up and he kept saying the regulations have changed and I needed to working more hours. He is a liar and exploited students. We could not say anything because we had paid the money up front. He should be deregistered for his practise. I know all of his students have been exploited, especially overseas students who needed the enrollment details to continue with their visas. I can’t believe he still can operate!!

  • Ba
      25th of Nov, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Ad2999 I would love more details if this is a current issue. The College was shut down by ASQA several years ago and mr McKail is not permitted to own or operate another RTO without ASQA approval.

  • Nf
      2nd of Dec, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I had a similar experience many years ago. Mckail, the owner, was manipulative, abusive, and all around the worst person that I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. I had to quit because the emotional abuse was too overwhelming.

    He was completely exploitative of students -- making them work insane amounts of hours for free, while he made profit, in order to earn their diplomas. I highly doubt that he is even qualified to call himself Dr.

    I sincerely hope that someone manages to take legal action against his practice and recoup some of the money that he has stolen from his hopeful students. Well done to whoever had the college shut down. If only it had happened sooner.

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