McMaster's Auto Part's / Terrible experience

On 11/24/2008 I purchased a DVD player for my 2004 Lexus from McMaster's Auto Part's for $260.00 (it was used). I paid through Paypal and when my package was delivered it contained a car's visor! After a week I finally got a hold of them and they explained that my DVD Player went to the person who was to get the visor. They asked me to ship the visor straight to this person and they would have them do the same with my DVD Player. I did this on 12/3/2008.

When I followed up with Mike, he said that since the DVD Player was expensive he had them send it back to them and would then ship it to me. This was the last time that I actually spoke to anyone. They will not answer the phone or return calls. I have called at least 50 times and left many voice mails.

It is now 12/17/2008 and I have not received my DVD Player! I sent them emails and they did respond to one with the entire comment being, 'Because we have refunded you.' This is a LIE. My PayPal balance is still $0. I filed a complaint with PayPal and they were less than helpful. I am now contacting the Police. Then the Better Business Bureau. Then I will file a with the small claims court.

BEWARE!!! This is not a company that you want to do business with. They are downright fraudulent. If they could return a phone call maybe this could have been avoided.


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