McKinley Apartments / Misreprentation of a lease due to staff

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This company i moved into Pine Circle Town homes with the intention and a replied email from Brad that they accept pit bulls. I gave a $200 dollar deposit and paid an additional $25 a month. During the six months I had been there I have never had any problems with the property manager until two weeks ago in which Greg May Jr stated I was in violation and had to get rid of the dog in 48 hours. I explained the contract and emails I received from Brad S. in March stating I could have the dog. McKinley could not care less. They gave me a notice to quit to terminate my lease.

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  • Je
      Jan 11, 2012

    I moved into Turnbury Apartments in Clearwater Fl owned by Mc Kinley properties, soon the racist rental agent began moving in people that incomes and backgrounds did not suit the beautiful properties with two pools, tennis court, fitness center etc. then the rule book was thrown away, little vulgar dirty kids began tearing up the property, running wild all day into the night, stealing, and trashing anything that they could get thier hands on and much more. then if you were a clean tenant, paid your rent, but complained they would throw you out and then trump up huge bills against you for apartment repairs. And quickly turn it over to collection agencies. Just saying it is such a Ghetto now that most would not move there so no warning is needed. the rest of Clearwater Fl is beautiful and there are manny nice rental communities. Thank You

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  • Je
      Jan 12, 2012

    The Mc Kinley Property management came into Clearwater Fl., took over the beautiful Turnbury Apartments with two swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness facility, more and quickly turned it into a low income government housing. Vulgar little kids were let out in the AM to destroy anything that they could., jumb in the pool dirty clothes on, set fires, steal, Adults were no better, loud music or Boom, Boom, whatever night and day. so many living in one bath apartments they had to urinate wheverer. Po-lice calls tripled in less than a year. And lots more. Now if you were clean, straight, paid your rent and you complained. they threw you out, and then trumped up lots of charges on redoing your apartment and quickley turned it over to a collection agency.after you moved. If you were straight, and civilized you insulted others just being. none of the managers they hire are professional property managers of course. I really want to add that Clearwater Florida is a clean, nice, friendly City other than The Turnbury apartments.

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