MCI Long distanceDenied credit

When I started my accounty in September, I was told I had the $.015/minute plan for international calls to Mexico. The high toll department called me about a week later and told me that my balance was more then $700 and that my long distance was restricted. Customer service reps finally found and fixed the problem, then charging me the correct rate for calls to Mexico. I was told that by either human error or computer glitch I was not being charged the plan rate of $.015, but the standard rate of more than $4 a minute, more than 30 times the plan rate.
Customer service calculated a credit of $850 for all overcharged calls and submitted the credit request. The high toll department called me a week and a half ago and told me the credit was denied and that my long distance service is again restricted and that I must pay the $850 overcharge. Customer service said they can do nothing for me since my credit has been denied. They could not tell me why my credit was denied. It is at least immoral, and probably illegal, to quote someone a $.15 a minute rate, then admit to mistakenly charging more than 30 times the rate, and denying credit for the overcharge.


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