McGee Chevrolet, Raynham, MA / 2016 chevy malibu

1 Raynham, MA, United States
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Daughter stranded at night in a parking garage in another state when this vehicle wouldn't go into any gear and wouldn't shut off because it didn't recognize that the car was in park (or any other gear). Drove nearly 2 hours to rescue her. GM roadside assistance was unable to locate a tow truck that would fit in parking garage. Couldn't get any tow that night. Had to leave the car with dash lights still on, set emergency brake for safety and manually shut off headlights. After 10 calls back and forth, they suggested we drive all the way back and PUSH the car out of the parking garage to the street! That was their best suggestion for a new car still under full warranty. ABSURD.
The next evening, we finally located a tow company ourselves (they charged Roadside Assistance), and brought the car back to dealer. Service Manager Gerry Dumont informs us that it was a dead battery, no shifting problem and they can't find any problem. We insisted that the car was running, no battery problem until it had to be left on overnight while stranded, but we won't be driving the car until the problem is fixed. Since the battery died, it supposedly cleared out the problem code with the transmission and there's no way to run down the problem since the battery cleared the code. Really!? This is 2017. That's a weak excuse for laziness and nothing more. Why is it so hard to get anyone to do their damn job! That's all we ask. Do your job. Don't lie and say you've NEVER heard of this kind of problem before. If you're the service manager, and you're saying you've never heard of this problem before, you're either lying or you're a pretty sorry service manager, because it's all over GM complaint boards and the data info systems. If this is acceptable service, on any type of level, we are in trouble. It shouldn't be this difficult for these employees to do the right thing, take accountability and make this right. Our next step is the state's attorney general and consumer affairs division. Unacceptable!

Oct 25, 2017

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