MCFRUGALSreturn and exchange

I bought a Tekno robotic puppy today Dec 28 for 40% off the price. My kids was so excited to play with it but when they found out in you tube that it is not comparable to the other robotic dog "zoomer" that theyve been wanting so they want me to return it and I went back to store right away just over 1 hour when I bought the toy. But the lady in the til was looking at me with a frown as I was carrying an Item to be returned, and she suddenly told me "its all final sale". I told her that I just bought this an hour ago and its unopen because my kids dont want it so I asked if they can refund my money or exchange it with another item that I can use but she was firmed and asked me to come back when the manager is in. I feel really harassed by her, she said they dont have any policy yet with the return and exchange as they only opened recently. I would understand if they have signs everywhere that All sales are final or have stamped the receipt with "final sale" on it or verbally informed the customer before scanning just to protect consumers right and interest. So just because they dont have policy they can do this to their costumers. This is the first time that I have encountered a very rude store and I think they should not be in the business. I hope you can help me claim my right against this store.

Dec 28, 2014

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