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Package number CC219828029CA. This package contains Christmas presents for our son, consisting of an ice hockey jersey, some elbow pads and a T shirt. My brother in Ottawa was kind enough to organise the purchase of these items as well as arranged for the postal service, in what "he thought" (was informed) was going to be a fast and economical means of getting the gifts to Australia. Little did my brother know (after paying hundreds of dollars), that the service provided was something called "International Surface"?? ... whatever that means; but since he was assured by the attendent at the Canada Post Office, that the package would arrive in Australia in plenty of time for Christmas, there was no need to question the service offered.

HOWEVER - here we are 42 days later and this parcel has STILL NOT ARRIVED. Christmas is long over and we're even into a new year. So what sort of service is that - LOUSY, ROTTEN SERVICE.

We expected the best possible and timely delivery of these critical gifts and now, aside from experiencing a less than cheerful Christmas morning, we're now worried that the presents will not arrive at all!!!

Please advise us soonest, if this package can be tracked by your people and expedite its delivery.

Thank you - Terry Lewis

Jan 08, 2017

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