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On 4/5/10 my family and I were going throught he drive thru at your Tatnuck Square McDonalds. The line was very long and it took over 15 minutes to get waited on. The woman on the speaker did not speak nor understand English very well. Needless to say, she got our order wrong and overcharged us. When I tried to correct her, she became rude and never apologized. There was a young girl helping her and she too was rude. While we were waiting for our change, she was busy talking to boys to ring us up. I will no longer go to that McDonalds. I have encountered many people who are bilingual but can understand and speak English without a problem. If someone has a hard time speaking English, perhaps they should work behind the counter where they are not expected to interact with the public as much.

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  • Cl
      15th of Mar, 2011

    On 3/15/2011 at 9:30PM a work colleague and myself entered the Mcdonalds in Camden TN. She went to the bathroom while I approached the counter to place our order.
    Besides ourselves the only other customers in the restaurant was a family of four and a young teen boy each of whom had already been served. I was on the only one at the counter. After five minutes (long enough for a girl to use the bathroom and come back) of waiting my colleague came back out and asked if I had ordered. I told her no and said loud enough for the workers to hear, "no, obviously they are more interested in talking than selling anything." We then left and went next door to Wendy's where they were more than happy to sell us some food.
    Why couldn't the help wait on the only customer at the counter? The girl BEHIND THE COUNTER was busy wolfing down one of their yogurt cups which is totally against the Tennessee health code. While doing so she was also talking to another worker on my side of the counter trying to get her to take one of the pitbull puppies her dog had. During this time the manager walked by, glanced at me, then gave the girl behind the counter a sour glance then kept going without saying a word to her.
    Avoid poor food, poor service and an over exsposure to stupidity and laziness by skipping the clown and going to Wendy's.

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  • Si
      28th of Aug, 2014

    8/28/14, I went through the drive-through and ended up waiting in line for 18 minutes, I thought drive-through was quick? This has happened to me more then once this past summer. I love the fact that the coffee is only $1.00 but I end up late for work and loosing money. I will NEVER go back to Tatnuck Square McDonalds again.

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  • Ez
      5th of Nov, 2015

    Place has the most laziest big mouth ratchet people they could possibly find. Who hires these people ? Do they not drug test ? They never have any order right, have to wait at least 20/30 minutes for a burger. Unbelievable this place should b shut down and the employees should def quit their day jobs and join the military

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