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McDonalds / management

1 Walton, NY, United States Review updated:

At our small town, local McDonlads in Walton NY we have a serious problem. A manager that continues to use his position to abuse employess. On one occasion a female employee gave the customer in front of me the wrong sandwich, the customer informed the young lady of her mistake and she couldnt appologize enough. The manager an older man with white hair whos name is only known to me as Don began yelling at the employee and called her a ### in front of all the customers. This manager has also been heard calling a male employee a ###, idiot, stupid and the hardest thing to swallow about this...the young man is actualy severly mentaly challenged and just smiles and walks away he loves working and says nothing to defend himself because he isnt capable to defend or is scared to no longer be able to work there. Ive not been a customer of this local business for some time now, I couldnt stand to see this to continue with nothing being done and in truth i wouldnt trust that my food wouldnt be tampered with if i were to complain. I was infomred that complaints have gone to the district manager and still no change in the situation. At this point several customers that live local have decided to no longer frequent this esablishment due to this situation and it seems even corporate does nothing to stop the abuse of their employees. I have no direct knowlege that COPORATE knows of this situation so this is COPORATES wake up call. You have a manager that is abusing your other employees and he has no fear of doing this in front of customers and no fear of any action being brought against him . I wonder how long it is going to take before one or several people file a suit against this chain because of this... video cameras are all over, this manager should be aware of this.

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      21st of Nov, 2012
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    I'm not impressed by the poor service i received today, i got treated like a complete fool in front of several customer's, something really seriously needs to be done with the Manager at the McDonalds at our Local Walmart store, as i said before, we should be treated with more respect, because we're behind the reason for their paychecks.

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