McDonalds Australia / bad service

cnr Wembley Road and Leichardt Street, Woodridge 4114, Woodridge, Queensland, Australia

On three separate occasions over the past 2 weeks when I have ordered nuggets and asked for sweet and sour sauce, I have not received the sauce.
First time - when I asked the person in drive through for sauce as I did not receive it, I was told that the sauce was in the bag. I told her it wasnt. she said its in there. I said "no its not, thats why im asking for it". she then shoved the sauce into my hand and walked away from the window. no apology, no have a nice day, nothing.
Second time - same situation, did not receive my sauce. I had to park, and go into the store and ask for sauce as it was not put in my order. I was again questioned and told it was in the bag. I said to them "well its not in there, thats why I have parked, come in, and am now asking for sauce. I would not be wasting my time for one little sauce, can I please just have my sauce so I can get to work". and again, it was shoved to me, again no apology for the inconvenience of having gone through drive through and still having to get out of my car, or have a nice day.
third time - same situation again, but this time my partner went in to get the sauce after having gone through drive through and not receiving the sauce. we again parked and he went in to ask for the sauce. the girl proceeded to tell him that she definitely put the sauce in the bag. it was not in the bag, exactly why he is in the store now asking for it.

I find it very unacceptable to pretty much be called a liar on 3 separate occasions at the same store, when it was their mistake everytime. very poor customer service considering I thought the general rule is the customer is always right, especially in this case when we were right. we pay good money for the food and time after time after time, the orders get stuffed up. I understand in busy times mistakes can be made, but the times I have had this happen, it has not been busy. and I dont think its good service to call your customers liars and then treat us like we are inconveniencing you, when actually its the other way around.

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