McClintock HeatingFlooded carpet, and will not repair


Mclintock did some work on my hvac unit in the fall and spring. They glued some pipes together at my inside hvac unit. While my wife was cleaning out the bedroom closet, she noticed that the carpet was soaking wet. When we pulled it back it was drenched, ruined. I could not figure out where the water was coming from. Over this past weekend, I noticed 3 wet spots in the carpet in the hallway. I thought the cat urinated on it, but it did not smell like it. Yesterday, my wife said she said the hvac unit in the hall was making a funny noise. When I got home I heard it. I opened the door to the hvac unit, to find that water was all over the slab foundation. I went into my office closet and that carpet was soaking wet also. I pulled back the carpet next to the hvac unit and that was soaking wet. I called Mcclintock and they came out yesterday. Tim, a technician, said the pipes were not glued together, and that a drainage pipe had fallen and was not connected. Water had leaked all over the slab foundation, and into the other rooms and the hallway. The carpet is ruined, and the padding underneath is ruined also. I spoke with Rob today, and he claims that the invoices to not show that they did anywork on those pipes therefore they are not resposible. A technician some time ago, glued these pipes together, but did not glue the one that drains. Rob has refused to pay for it, and now my carpet is ruined.

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