MC-DRI*8004974988GOOGLEWithdrawing Money from My Bank Account

I had ordered on of those google kits for 1.95 and they said after a week of receiving my kit, I would be charged. I did not find that out from them because it was practically invisible writing, I found out from other people. So a week later, without receiving anything, I found a pending charge on my bank account. So, I called the 1800 number I found and it was a middle middle man so to speak who said they would put in a request to the company for a refund and gave me a conformation # on Sat and said to call back if they gave me any trouble. Well, come Monday the pending amount is gone and I thought everything was taken care of. So when I woke u this morning and checked my account there was a 69.90 charge with a 1800 number so I called it because I cancelled my account right... Well, when I called I got one hell of a ### on the phone who proceeded to tell me that it is my fault for not reading correctly and she can't do anything about refunding my money and all she can do is cancel my account because they aren't open on Sat and so I must be lying and she basically didn't care. So I re dialed the number I called on Sat and told the lady what happened and I'm getting my money back, but unfortunately it'll take 7-10 business days. I am just so floored by how rude the original lady was.

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