Mc Donough Endodentist / re-treating a tooth

1 Mc Donough, Georgia, United States

I was recommended to your practice by Dr. Monica Dawson. I had a tooth that had an infection in it. Dr. Saint Paul re-treated the tooth not once but twice. My insurance, at the time, would not pay for this.

I have a different policy now, and when I went to my new dentist, he told me that there was no way that this tooth should have been re-treated. I was shown the X-ray and he explained to me why it should not have been re-treated. The infection was so bad it was going onto the next tooth that I may loose now.

I called your office last Friday October 12, 2018 to discuss this issue and was told someone would call me back on Monday. No one gave me the courtesy of a call.

I would like restitution for this tooth as it had to be pulled last week. I can be reached at: [protected]

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Iris Shapiro

Oct 21, 2018

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