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MBM&F-Lift SP / Keep receiving product

0 402 South Amboy Rd.Conneaut, OH, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 440 593 4896

I called over a month ago to discontinue & not bill me for Lift-SP. 2 days ago I received a package with one bottle of Lift-SP. Today (July 10) I receive a package with two bottles of Lift-SP.

This leaves me with 5 bottles ahead of what I can use.

These 2 packages are being sent back to you and please make sure I receive credit for both on my credit card. I will let you know if I ever want to reorder, but please do not send unless I ok it.

Will be looking for my credits on my next Visa statement.

Sue Howard

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  • Su
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    I did not know that I had to cancel a trial offer from this company, MBM&F-Lift SP. I have been billed $69.90 twice in one month for the same product. They said that it could take up to ten business days to refund my money. I will not buy online like this again. The product does not really work any better than a good cream you can buy in a department store.

  • Pa
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    MBM&F-Lift SP - No refund
    MBM&F-Lift Sp
    Pleasant Grove
    United States

    Company sent me product with promise of refund. I opened package but did not use any of product -- they also sent me an additional product. I returned the product by US Mail on May 30, 2008, requesting the company credit my account for the amount charged and not to send me any further shipments. Two days later I received an additional shipment, I returned that in its original package and did receive a credit to my account. They have not send any further shipments and could only have known not to send additional if they received my request. I called on 8/9/08 to determine why they had not give me a credit and was told that they did not receive the US mail returned shipment -- but that was the only way they knew not to send me further shipments. Do not use this company.

  • Ag
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    i will like to return the product its not for me i actualy got a rash on my face do i need a ra#?
    thank you

  • Sh
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    Right now I don't know. I am writing because I have called and get no response. I have received 2 products from your company on a trial basis. I happens that I cannot take them because they make me sick. I do not want to receive any more. One is One envelope says MBM&F-Bromalite the other MBM&FAcaiaslim. I do not want to receive any more of these products. Please do not charge any more to my account. I guess how this turns out will decide if I have a complaint. Please comply with my wishes. Thanks, Shirley Wiram

  • Ja
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    MBM&F SUCKS HARD!!! I need a number b/c I DO NOT WANT these Acai Berries sent to me again... I will do everything in my power to bring you down, cancel it now... I want a number... My Visa will be switched and you will be left with nothing. I was extremely upset b/c I ordered this from Canada(apparently), but it came from the UT, US... Soooo Weird...

    Someone Help please... We can bring them down.

  • Ru
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    This company is really bad. Will not quit sending product. Will not refund money. Hard to contact. Any help will be Great!!

  • Tw
      4th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    ok thanks for all the helpful info because I was going to actually order the free trial online.

  • Na
      4th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Help for rudy, You and I would both agree that hiring a lawyer for an issue like this would be way to expensive (100-300 dollars an hour!!) But there is a way. What if you could prepay for a lawyer to assist you for any of your problems including this one? Sounds expensive but its really not. I know people who have had problems like you are and have this service im talking about and it was all solved by a letter written to the offendant!
    Please don't hesitate
    I can send you some informative information about this service, or anyone who reads this!
    Email me @
    Nathan F. (prepaid Legal Associate)

  • Us
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    MBM&F-Lift SP
    United States
    Phone: 1-866-897-2464


    This company is NOT honest. They will keep hitting your credit card regardless if you cancel the product. Product so far doest NOT work. Trial offer turns into full account without your approval. RUDE customer service.

  • De
      16th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I received an e-mail from Michelle stating that she had canceled my account, from the get go. I just checked my bank statement and low and behold...there is a charge for $85.55. I sent my request to be canceled to just like the message tells you to do. She also said that all of my money would be refunded except for the shipping. This came from the manager of customer service. Now I will have to call my bank and stop all further charges. What is going on with this company?

    Debra Hobbs

  • Un
      18th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    The 14 day "free trial" was actually 5 days since I did not receive the product for over a week after signing up... then right on cue the $87.00 was deducted from my account. There really is no 14 day "free trial" period. The product is in a deceptive package to make it look like you are getting a lot more than there really is inside. Bottle has a false bottom halfway up... If the product is as good as claimed... why the deceptive packaging and purposeful difficulty in getting in contactwith the company to get information or unsubscribe?

  • Si
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS DUMMY because you agreed to them when you signed up. and also, saying that you cancelled it and thinking you told them to cancel it doesnt actually cancel it. you have to actually CALL them [censored]face.

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